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Happy Thanksgiving


Formal Education


Be Like Water…

Merry Christmas

Twas thw dark knoght before Christmas Xmas Merry Christmas

Meet Scott King (you knew him as Q the Kid)


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Genesis, the new beginning. Not exactly.

Recently a good friend got me an interview with Scott King.  Now I had heard of Q the Kid, sort of.  And to be honest I did YouTube him again to hear a bit of what I was walking in to.  I dug the lyrics and figured this was going to be another dope opportunity- and it was.

Blogheavy: Scott what’s good? First q of the day- Left or right handed?

Scott King: Righty.

Blogheavy: WHat phone you got? Sorry I’m  Blackberry snob.

Scott King: S4.

Blogheavy: Where you from?

Scott King: Brooklyn/Atl.

Blogheavy: Before I go on with my litany of questions- Let’s get into the name change.  My readers and I’m sure much of the hip hop community is intrigued.

Scott King: Initially I came on the scene as Qthe Kid and got signed to Jermaine Dupree/SoSoDef.  Then there was a deal…

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Soulja boy Faile’ em

Did this idiot really stunt? Front?
Oh I’m sorry- Fail.
And people follow fools like this? SMH…

Presidential Fact

Lyndon B Johnson blackmailed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and confessed to doing so on tape.

How he Snitched on himself…


How Many Squares Are There?

Caliber of A Man

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

― J. K. Rowling


Destiny doesn’t belong to the numbers. Never has.
It belongs to the man who is ready to grab a bat and step up to the plate.

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