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Skinny Jeans, Hip Hop, and Cultural Osmosis

June 23, 2013


Little Pants.
I hate them. Seriously.
Is there a point to this rant? There just may be. Let’s dig into it.

You see as a grown man in his 30’s not living at home, paying loans and credit cards (yup I still use those) I’m disgusted with the face of hip hop.
And my longer term readers and fans are fully aware of this. Having interviewed some real talent and a legend or two, as well as being an avid hip hop fan for 20+ years I’ve seen hip hop flush itself down the alter/toilet of cheap marketing.

Hip hop was a man’s game. Not to perseverate on stereotypical preconceived notions, but I remember looking up to rappers. No, I didn’t wanna sell dope or pimp hoes or lounge wit the fools.
I wanted to chop words to pieces!
I wanted to make something from nothing.
I wanted to change…

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